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A collection of songs from the back catalogue. Some are live recordings, some were recorded "in the studio". A few of these are songs which will never see the light of day. Click on the icon to listen.



Tax That - on Take That's Tax Problems (Demo, May 2014)
Robbie Williams UFO Fan (Studio recording, June 2009)
I Know How To Treat A Lady (Studio recording, March 2008)
Beautiful girl in a coma (Studio recording, August 2007)
30 Seconds (Studio recording August 2007)
30 Seconds - the Emo Pop Song (Live, Comedy Bar, Southampton, October 2005)
Crap in Bed (Live, Bar XS, May 2005)
The Star Wars Porn and Wanking Comedy Parody Song (Live, Rawhide, October 2005)
Fluffy (Live, Bar XS, February 2004)
Message To Men (Bum Love) (Live, Frog and Bucket, February 2007)
Baby One More Time (Live, Buzz Club, July 2003)


I know how to treat a lady (Studio recording, January 2008)
I'm So Over You (Live, Cross King's Pub, June 2007)
The Eurovision Entry (Live on Phil and Gayle show, Comic Relief, February 2007)
Suicide Bomber Girl (Live, Chilingham Arms, 2005)
Dangerous Drunk Driver Girl (Rehearsal recording, March 2007)
Distracting Racists with Boardgames (Live, Radio Blah Blah, August 2005)
The Masturbatory Love Song (Rehearsal recording, March 2007)
You Need Never Have An Empty Bed (Rehearsal recording, March 2007)
Only A Real Woman (The 33 year old McFly song)


Bridget The Diabetic Midget (Live, Salford University, November 2005)
Michael Jackson is a Childminding Genius (Rehearsal recording, March 2007)

David Blunkett (Rehearsal Recording, November 2005)

President Mugabe (The Political Song) (Rehearsal recording, March 2007)

Pretty Britney (Rehearsal recording, March 2007)


The Wheelbarrow Song (Live, Comedy Cave, August 2003)
The Library Song (Rehearsal recording, March 2007)

Yet To Be Immortalised

  The Bernard Manning Blues
  Darkness vs Shaggy
  Chavs to the left of me
  One way or another
  Wonderful Tonight?
  The Love Song in Text
  The National Anthem
  Football Songs of Disappointment
How To Write A Love Song

Amy Winehouse: Toast

Wood Screws

Facial Hair

The Opening Line

Crap In Bed

Heckler from Guatemala

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Updated: April 2010

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