Comedy CD (28 tracks, 37 minutes)

A self-contained version of the show, with all the major songs from 2010 and 2011 version. This is a mixture of narrative tracks, live recordings and studio multi-instrument versions of the songs. Available either in a card wallet, or with a card inlay in a plastic wallet.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Oh No, He's Started To Sing
  3. Songs have things in common
  4. Walking On The Joker
  5. I'm classically trained
  6. Music is as old as mankind
  7. Even Cavemen Get The Blues
  8. Song #1
  9. Elton John performs stand-up
  10. Singing the Yellow Pages
  11. Seven types of sing
  12. The Day That My iPod Was Stolen
  13. Song #2
  14. How to write a love song
  15. Love Is Like...
  16. Nat King Cole performs stand-up
  17. I'm losing my edge
  18. Aging Punk
  19. Hotel Hell
  20. Louis Armstrong performs stand-up
  21. Neutralising a rap
  22. Song #3
  23. Christmas Song For Jews
  24. 30 Seonds
  25. Putting it together
  26. The Seven Deadly Sings
  27. God Save The Queen is a love song
  28. 30 Seconds encore
CD (Card Wallet) + Shipping
CD (Plastic wallet) + Shipping

Also available for digital download

Comedy CD (19 tracks, 27 minutes)

Containing all the songs written for the show and a few extras that might have been. Mainly songs, drawn from the artist's search for the perfect formula for the perfect song. A compendium of silliness that's as enjoyable as it's brief. Available in a plastic wallet with card inlay only.

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  1. Introduction
  2. You never close your eyes
  3. Call me irresponsible
  4. Day of the iPod I
  5. Elton I quit
  6. Moby Dick
  7. Roget's Thesaurus
  8. Day of the iPod II
  9. Andrew Lloyd-Webber's Gruffalo
  10. Where's Wally?
  11. One sided
  12. Glee?
  13. Everybody...
  14. Bear Grylls
  15. Day of the iPod III
  16. Discograffiti
  17. First I was afraid
    Bonus tracks
  18. One sided (Live)
  19. Hotel hell (Live)

CD (plastic wallet) + Shipping

Also available for digital download

The soundtrack to 2004 Fringe show The Musical! by Ashley Frieze and Chris Parr.

This show is about two writers who accidentally write themselves into their own musical and have to perform their way out of it.

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This album is available on its own or in combination with the above albums.

Tracks (previews can be found here).

  1. Let's write a musical
  2. S.H.O.W
  3. When you're a writer
  4. How wonderful am I?
  5. A great story at parties
  6. I'm beginning to see you in a different light
  7. He's a...
  8. If your mum...
  9. Teamwork
  10. Higher again
  11. Curtain call
  12. Come see The Musical! (promo jingle)

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